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Ramona Review

Mind games, 12 August, 2002
Reviewer: Mr C Johnson from Saffron Walden, Essex United Kingdom.

What starts out as a conventional romantic drama - whirlwind romance, kidnapped child, eventual happy reunion - soon takes its first twist. Skimming between Cambridge & Seville, past & present, the reader is carried on a switchback ride through a hall of mirrors, where every time I thought I had found the base level of the plot, it proved an illusion. Was Ramona really kidnapped? Why did she and her father fall out? Who actually wrote the book-within-a-book? In what order did events unfold? Is any character what they seem? Indeed, is Ramona playing games with her reading group or is the author playing games with us?

As at the funfair, one needs a masochistic streak to endure the moments of intellectual bewilderment and occasional panic. But when my feet were finally back on terra firma, I marvelled at the recollection of the convoluted ride I'd just taken and at the devious mind which created it. I have never read a book like it.

I dare you.........

Ramona Contents

Prologue Seville

One Sierra Morena

Two Cambridge

Three The Reading Group

Four The Gospel

Five Carmen's Story

Six Abduction

Seven Nom de Plume

Eight Maria's Story

Ramona Review

Author's Comment on Ramona