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Author's Comment on Means to an End

A friend of mine who received one of the first copies of Means to an End sent me a note a couple of days later to say that he had just reached the end of chapter two and already had jetlag.

Well, it really is true that international finance these days spans the globe, and Means to an End is a financial thriller with an intricate plot that takes you through numerous exotic locations. There is a mix of colourful characters: some who steer the plot and some who are dragged in; but in the end, as in life, the situation spins out of control. Will there be a winner?

It is a multi-character plot in which everyone plays a role, often without realising it, or perhaps not wishing to admit it. Differing cultures and backgrounds lead to very different viewpoints; but these can be bent to extremes with disastrous results. The spirit may be as noble as white light at the outset, but even white light cannot survive its path through the prism.

The layman should appreciate the corporate shenanigans, with the business issues handled in an accessible manner, while the financial professional will, I hope, see the entire iceberg beneath the surface.

Finally, Means to an End, completed in January 2002, presages the debacle we are witnessing in the upper echelons of corporate America. What shall I write next?

JJH - June 2002.


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Author's Comment on Means to an End

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