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Face Blind

PROSOPAGNOSIA (n.) From Greek [prosp = face; agnosia = lack of knowledge].

Face-blindness; a neurological condition that renders a person incapable of recognizing faces. It is unrelated to the person's ability to see faces. Someone with perfect vision can suffer from prosopagnosia. It is also unrelated to the person's IQ. In the normal brain there is a center that is dedicated to face recognition. Prosopagnosia arises when that special center becomes damaged or is otherwise unable to perform its function.


A Novel by Raymond Benson 

From the pen of Raymond Benson, author of the acclaimed original James Bond continuation novels (Zero Minus Ten, The Facts of Death, High Time to Kill, DoubleShot, Never Dream of Dying, and The Man With the Red Tattoo) and the novel Evil Hours, comes a new and edgy noir thriller. 

Imagine a world where you don't recognize the human face. That's Hannah's condition - prosopagnosia, or 'face blindness' - when the brain center that recognizes faces is inoperable.

The onset of the condition occurred when she was attacked and nearly raped by an unknown assailant in the inner lobby of her New York City apartment building. And now she thinks he's back, and not just in her dreams. 

When she also attracts the attention of a psychopathic predator and becomes the unwitting target of a Mafia drug ring, the scene is set for a thrill ride of mistaken identity, cat-and-mouse pursuit, and murder. 

Face Blind is a twisting, turning tale of suspense in which every character has a dark side.  The novel will keep the reader surprised and intrigued until the final violent catharsis.

Face Blind by Raymond Benson. ISBN: 1-904433-10-3.


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Raymond Benson is the author of the James Bond novels The Man With the Red Tattoo, Never Dream of Dying, DoubleShot, High Time to Kill, The Facts of Death, and Zero Minus Ten, as well as the novelizations of the films Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough, and Tomorrow Never Dies. 

Raymond's novel TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL (written under the pseudonym "David Michaels") made the New York Times Best Seller (Paperbacks) List! It entered at #10 the week of December 2004.

His Bond short stories have been published in Playboy and TV Guide magazines.  He is also the author of the suspense novels, Face Blind and Evil Hours, and the non-fiction books The Pocket Essentials Guide to Jethro Tull and The James Bond Bedside Companion (the latter was nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Biographical/Critical Work in 1984).  Raymond also has extensive experience directing stage plays, composing music, and designing and writing adventure computer games.  He is married, has one son, and is based in the Chicago area.
(Author photo by Paul F. Dantuono.)


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